I have partial chain of custody and my product does not qualify for labeling. What can I say/how can I communicate about the standards and the efforts we are making?

If you do not have full chain of custody and cannot make a product-related claim, you may still choose to make claims from the three other claims categories described in the Standards Claims Policy.

General Marketing – Corporate Commitment/Progress Claims

As long as you register your commitment to one or more of our standards, you may make claims talking about your commitment or the progress you’ve made working towards it. See the the registration webpage for more details: https://textileexchange.org/standards/commitment-registration-form/

Agreement-Based Claims

Have you participated in one of our standards international working groups (IWGs)? Have you funded an on-the-ground implementation or pilot project? If so, you may make customized claims based on what’s described in the written contract you have signed with Textile Exchange.

Informational Statements

Informational statements are ready to use messages that describe a relevant standard. You make use these statements, as outlined in the Standards Claims Policy, to talk about what our standards do and their purpose.