I’m interested in your MMCF Round Table. Can you tell me more about it?

Textile Exchange has been engaging with hundreds of MMCF stakeholders in recent years, aiming to create leaders in the sustainable fiber and materials sector by providing related learning opportunities, tools, insights, data, measurement and benchmarking. These resources will cover forests where most MMCF feedstock is derived, as well as new generation fibers made from alternative inputs and/or more sustainable production processes than conventional Viscose, for example.

New in 2019 was the roll-out of two dedicated events, the European roundtable on MMCF in July 2019, part of Berlin Fashion Week (more information below), and the global MMCF Round Table Summit in Vancouver in October 2019, part of Textile Exchange’s annual Textile Sustainability Conference.

Learn More about MMCF via our Learning Center or via our e-Learning Webinar Series.