Is the dTrackit tool going to be aligned with this new standard? How?

dTrackit will align to the Materials Matter Standard system as a traceability mechanism. The dTrackit system was developed to supplement our standards in use today and it will be adapted to support the implementation of the future Materials Matter system.

This means materials certified to the Materials Matter Standard and traced via Transaction Certificates (TCs) will populate users’ dTrackit dashboards in the same way material certified to our existing standards do now. Brands who are certified to one of our current standards will continue to have access to dTrackit once the Material Matter Standard is adopted, assuming they continue to undergo recertification to the CCS. Brands that become CCS-certified after the implementation of the new standard will also be granted access upon registration.

Transaction Certificates (TC) and Scope Certificates (SC) issued by certification bodies for the Materials Matter Standard will be required to be uploaded to dTrackit as per our current policies and can be used to indicate conformance to the CCS during audits.