What impact tools do we offer to drive progress toward our GHG reduction target?

We see our standards as one element in a holistic toolkit of solutions that, when used together, can help us to drive positive change. We offer a range of impact tools for companies to use to assess the climate impacts of options within the same material category and make informed decisions.

1. Preferred Fiber and Material Matrix: The Preferred Fiber and Material Matrix (PFMM) is an interactive tool for brands to use to inform and guide material sourcing decisions, as well as for standards systems to view their performance across impact areas in a standardized way and toward a shared “direction of travel.” It includes over 50 fiber and raw material standards systems, accounts for eight core impact areas, and incorporates both qualitative and quantitative indicators. The PFMM is intended to be used to compare the environmental and social performance of standards systems within fiber categories.

2. Materials Impact Explorer: Built on Google Earth Engine, the Materials Impact Explorer (MIE) uses Google Cloud computing to assess the environmental risk of different fibers and raw materials across countries as they relate to environmental factors such as biodiversity, climate, and water. It also provides brands with recommendations for targeted, country-specific risk reduction activities, including opportunities to work with farmers and producers.