What is changing for Tiers 1 – 3? 

Like our current standards system, the Materials Matter Standard will be underpinned by fundamental chain of custody requirements to track certified materials with integrity. The Content Claim Standard (CCS) has not been included in the revision of the Materials Matter Standard; it has instead stayed on a separate development track to service our current standards in addition to supporting the implementation of the Materials Matter system. With that said, the CCS will be open for feedback and revision in 2024 alongside the assurance documents in our standards system. 

Today, the CCS serves as the standalone chain of custody standard, and it will continue to do so in the future. The CCS is mandatory for all supply chain participants, including brands, which take custody of certified material after the first processing stage. Conformance with the CCS continues to be necessary to sell certified products and make claims about them. Once the Materials Matter Standard is in use, it will operate with the CCS the same way as the current Textile Exchange input standards (GRS, RCS, OCS, RWS, RMS, RAS, RDS). 

Our supply chain taxonomy includes first processors in tier 4, such as wool scourers, recyclers, pulp manufacturers, and gins. For first stage processors that are not already certified to the GRS, the Materials Matter Standard does create significant change in terms of including environmental and social criteria as defined in the principles for human rights & livelihoods and processing facility. 

Under the Materials Matter system, brands will also need to be certified to the CCS to make use of claims and labeling as they are now.