What is the cost of using Trackit? 

dTrackit: dTrackit is offered as a traceability value added to current transaction certifications. There is currently no separate dTrackit fee beyond the existing transaction certification fee to certification bodies. dTrackit will be released on a role-to-role basis: brands, then certification bodies, and lastly suppliers. On its release, organizations will be given a single-user license to access the data. Additional user licenses and API will be offered at a nominal fee to cover our support cost.   

eTrackit: eTrackit is offered as an alternative traceability tool, using online eTransactions with our current solution provider, TextileGenesis. In place of transaction certificates, eTransactions are subject to fee charges by certification bodies. An additional license fee applies to TextileGenesis for the use of the platform.

We reserve the right to modify our certification fee structure including on scope (site) certification, transaction certification, and eTransaction certification.