What is the definition of small, medium, and large producer as mentioned in the Materials Matter Standard Pilot V1.0?

The Materials Matter Standard Pilot V1.0 includes a proposed definition for consultation input. Based on feedback received, we will incorporate how we look at and define the size of operations in our 2024 pilot testing. In the meantime, the following is the proposed definition:

Production of Animal Derived Materials (sheep wool, mohair, alpaca, down)

Small producer – Farmer who is not structurally dependent on hired labor* but operated mostly by his/her family members.

Medium producer – N/A

Large producer – Farmer who is structurally dependent on hired labor*.

First Processing for All Materials

Small facility – Facility where there are ≤ 5 hired workers*.

Medium facility – Facility where there are ≤ 25 hired workers*.

Large facility- Facility where there are > 25 hired workers*.

*Hired labor/workers: can be full-time and part-time employees, temporary workers, and seasonal workers (excluding contractors).