Who can use Trackit? 

dTrackit: Certification bodies accredited to our standards must transfer all scope and transaction certificate data from their systems to dTrackit. Access to information in dTrackit is based on roles, there are 5 roles: public, brand, supplier, producer, and certification body. Public access to selected information was released in November 2022. Selected brands were given access to dTrackit brand portal as part of the beta release in early 2023. A wide release for brands is expected in the coming months. With the wide release, Certification bodies will also get access, with suppliers and producers getting access in 2024.

eTrackit: Certification bodies accredited to our standards will be onboarded to eTrackit starting June 2023. Certified suppliers and brands can opt to use eTrackit upon its commercial release for Recycled Claim Standard and Global Recycled Standard is scheduled, after the pilot completion in 2024