Why are gasification and pyrolysis not included in the VR2 policy?

Gasification and pyrolysis depolymerization will remain excluded from this first version of the policy for VR2 mass balance. In many conversations with stakeholders, we learned about the complexities of these processes and also the lack of general regulation on how to account for them in a consistent and industry-recognized way. While we support innovations in recycling methodologies and technologies, there are challenges with these methods to accurately account for the exact claimed material proportions: a product made with a recycled content claim either could or could not contain a single atom of recycled material using these technologies. We are aware that other schemes in the chemical recycling landscape are allowing these methodologies today and we are open to review this further in consideration for a future version of the VR2 policy. At this point, however, we are not accepting equivalencies without further research and stakeholder conversations.