Biodiversity Landscape Analysis

Fashion, textile, and apparel companies are intrinsically responsible for protecting biodiversity. 

The world is currently experiencing a severe “biodiversity crisis.” This is primarily caused by human activity, leading to what scientists refer to as the “sixth mass extinction.” In 2023, biodiversity loss was recognized as the fourth-biggest long-term global risk by the World Economic Forum.

While the industry’s sustainability efforts have mainly been focused on climate action, organizations are increasingly recognizing that climate and nature are two sides of the same coin. Since so many of the materials used by the fashion, textile, apparel, and footwear industry come from the land, companies have a vital opportunity to not only reduce harm and mitigate risk, but to actively protect, restore, and regenerate natural ecosystems. 

The Biodiversity Landscape Analysis for the Fashion, Apparel, Textile, and Footwear Industry was created by Textile Exchange and the Fashion Pact, in partnership with Conservation International and supported by Biodiversify – aiming to align companies on their journeys toward protecting and restoring nature.


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Focusing on raw materials produced in agricultural systems, the report synthesizes the broad state of play on biodiversity action in the industry. It aims to spur companies forward with relevant methods and actions by consolidating and condensing the wealth of tools, methods, frameworks, and standards available. 

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