The Materials Matter Standard is a voluntary sustainability standard for the production and initial processing of raw materials

Known as “the unified standard” during its development, the Materials Matter Standard aligns the fashion, textile, and apparel industry on a shared trajectory by establishing what best practice looks like for different materials in various settings, from farms to recycling facilities.

Ultimately, its goal is to incentivize a system in which the materials in our clothing and textiles support the climate, respect human rights and animal welfare, and drive beneficial outcomes for soil health, water, and biodiversity.


Explore the pilot criteria

Following invaluable feedback from stakeholders, the Materials Matter Standard Pilot Version V1.0 was released publicly on June 4, 2024. This version will be used for pilot testing the feasibility of the criteria in the field and is not effective, meaning it is not possible for companies to get certified to this version.


We are currently piloting the standard around the globe to test the criteria and gather useful feedback

The journey towards creating the Materials Matter Standard began with the approval of the public project plan by an International Working Group in 2021. During the development process, two drafts of the standard were made available for public consultation from May to July and October to November 2023.

2024 will now be focused on pilot testing, the preparation of supplementary documentation, and outreach events to raise awareness among users of our standards. Pilot testing will help us to assess key questions around the feasibility of the criteria, how certification bodies can audit against the standard, and whether it achieves the impact we want to see. We’ll also be testing key changes between the Materials Matter Standard and our existing system, as well as checking how feasible it is to collect, record, monitor, and report data.

Learnings from these activities will be used to refine criteria and related policies for the final version of the standard which will be published in mid-2025.


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