Textile Exchange Publicly Launches eTrackit – An Electronic Traceability Offering for its Certified Materials

30 November, London – Textile Exchange has announced the launch of Electronic Trackit, or eTrackit, for its first commercial application, covering the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and the Recycled Content Standard (RCS).

eTrackit is part of the organization’s two-tier traceability offering for materials certified to its standards, working alongside dTrackit (Digital Trackit). It is the first system of its kind, enhancing the integrity of supply chain traceability by tracking the volume of materials certified to Textile Exchange standards at the product level.

eTrackit works by electronically tracking certified materials for each key product transformation, as well as every time products are transacted between a seller and a buyer. Business rules are built into the system, and inventories are transacted in real-time to reduce operational processing and data turnaround time. The platform enables the peer-to-peer validation of transactions and leverages third-party certification bodies in the verification process.

The Trackit systems aim to increase efficiency throughout the supply chain while also providing brands with the verified data they need to make confident product claims. This is part of Textile Exchange’s work to accelerate the adoption of preferred materials with beneficial outcomes by further strengthening integrity in its standards.

eTrackit’s initial release application is powered by the traceability platform TextileGenesis™. However, Textile Exchange will continue to develop pathways under the Trackit umbrella as the system evolves, collaborating with further solution providers and stakeholders who are working with other traceability solutions once its data evolves.

Work is also underway to expand Trackit to include a wider selection of standards. Currently, the Responsible Animal Fiber Standards (RAF) and the Organic Content Standard (OCS) are in the pilot phase, with commercial application planned for 2024.

“At Textile Exchange, we are committed to providing the industry with the tools it needs to achieve its climate and nature goals. We’re excited to offer brands a digital alternative for tracking certified materials across the value chain; one that enhances efficiency and integrity. eTrackit builds on our foundation of accountability and serves as a roadmap to impact, connecting responsible sourcing to tangible positive change.” – Evonne Tan, Senior Director of Data and Technology at Textile Exchange

Eligible, certified brands can now register for eTrackit and begin the process of supply chain mapping. H&M Group, Inditex, and Varner are among the brands supporting this new solution.

Once registered, certified organizations can apply for eTransactions, which the system will authenticate against the permissible scope, as well as their available inventory, and their adherence to content and standard requirements. Validated eTransactions are then passed on to certification bodies for verification and approval. eTransactions will be generated from January 2024.

Textile Exchange is currently asking further stakeholders, from solution providers to sustainability systems and supply chain operators, that are interested in working together to register their interest at trackit@textileexchange.org.

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Notes for editors

About Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit driving beneficial impact on climate and nature across the fashion, textile, and apparel industry. It guides a growing community of brands, manufacturers, and farmers towards more purposeful production from the very start of the supply chain.

Its goal is to help the industry to achieve a 45% reduction in the emissions that come from producing fibers and raw materials by 2030. To get there, it is keeping its focus holistic and interconnected, accelerating the adoption of practices that improve the state of our water, soil health, and biodiversity too.

For real change to happen, everyone needs a clear path to beneficial impact. That’s why Textile Exchange believes that approachable, step-by-step instruction paired with collective action can change the system to make preferred materials and fibers an accessible default, mobilizing leaders through attainable strategies, proven solutions, and a driven community.

At Textile Exchange, materials matter.

About TextileGenesis™

TextileGenesis™ is a pioneering traceability platform custom built for the textile ecosystem. Our vision is two fold: creating radical transparency from fiber-to-retail, and ensuring authenticity & provenance of sustainable textiles against generics.

TextileGenesis™ platform is an outcome of intensive “grass-root” discussions with the entire apparel supply chain from fiber producers, fabric mills, dyeing house, cut & sew, to retail brands.

It’s custom-built for the premium and sustainable textiles such as wood-based fibers, sustainable cotton, recycled polyester, specialty filaments, silk, wool, and cashmere. Our technology secures brand reputation against fakes, creates article-level transparency from fiber-to-retail, and drives value-chain inventory optimization.

To find out more, visit textilegenesis.com.