Fashion Positive Announces New Executive Director

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Fashion Positive Announces New Executive Director

Sasha Radovich is named as the new Executive Director for Fashion Positive, a program dedicated to the development and promotion of circular textile fibers and materials for the fashion industry.

The Fashion Positive Advisory Council is pleased to announce that Sasha Radovich will be its new Executive Director. Sasha’s proven leadership will help Fashion Positive maximize its strategy to help support fashion brands and manufacturers in reaching their Sustainable Development Goals and Science Basted Targets. Specifically, Sasha will help the industry make significant progress in the reduction of landfill waste, resource usage, CO2 and GHG emissions, as well as other important metrics.

“Textile Exchange is excited about the leadership that Fashion Positive can provide to create direction and action for strategies that support circular systems and the materials needed to support the transformation of supply networks,” said La Rhea Pepper, Managing Director of Textile Exchange.

Lewis Perkins, President of Apparel Impact Institute and Fashion Positive Advisory Council member said, “On behalf of the Advisory Council, we are very excited about the experience and vision Sasha brings to this work. The future of Fashion Positive is bright under her direction, as we collectively transition the apparel sector to safe and circular materials, design and reutilization.”

Sasha Radovich brings 20 years’ experience of systems-change approaches from collaborative innovation to addressing impacts on people and communities, products, services and processes. Radovich’s experience is rooted in sustainable economic development through multi-stakeholder partnership. Sasha has a unique blend of experience with:

Radovich has a passion for systems thinking and the circular economy and believes we cannot make systems change without partnerships with leading industry players and the organizations and people they impact.

This new leadership comes at an important time in the development of the circular economy, and the fibers and materials that can be leveraged to support it.


Fashion Positive, which began as an initiative of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, is a nonprofit that leads the vision, definition and use of safe and circular materials for the fashion industry. Now in its 6th year, Fashion Positive is developing the first framework that defines the requirements for Circular Materials in the textile industry. This framework lays out requirements for Producers of fibers, both commercially-available and innovative, that clarify the pathway to what we can call “Circular.” All requirements in the Circular Materials framework are connected to existing and globally-used verifications standards to demonstrate how these standards fit into the vision of Circular Materials.

Textile Exchange is the fiscal sponsor for Fashion Positive and serves on the Advisory Council.

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