Lyocell and modal are popular manmade cellulosic fibers for fashion.

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Both lyocell and modal—two of the most common manmade cellulosics—make for soft and versatile fabrics. Lyocell is often used for apparel like underwear and denim, while modal is frequently used for t-shirts and tops, or blended with other materials. Like other MMCFs, they’re made from pulp from wood, and they’re both biodegradable. For lyocell, the wood pulp is dissolved using a non-toxic solvent in a closed-loop system, making it a popular choice with companies moving towards more sustainable sourcing.


Deforestation threatens our forests and its ecosystems.

Moving to cleaner, closed-loop materials options such as lyocell is a good starting point, but more work needs to be done. Forest degradation, as well as the loss of natural habitat and biodiversity related to unsustainable wood sourcing or poor land management, are associated with all MMCFs. Many established brands and fiber producers now have wood sourcing policies in place to prevent sourcing from protected and ancient forests. The most well-known of these is Lenzing, the company behind the TENCEL™ brand, which produces much of the lyocell and modal on the market today.

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We’re working to ensure that MMCFs don’t impact our forests, water, or biodiversity.

We’re supporting the fashion and textiles industry in switching to preferred materials that have better environmental and social outcomes than their conventional alternatives. For MMCFs like lyocell and modal, this means ensuring all wood comes from responsible sources like certified tree plantations and encouraging brands to support the development of forest-free MMCFs using sources like pre- and post-consumer textile waste.

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Viscose is the most used manmade cellulosic fiber. Smooth, absorbent, strong, and breathable, viscose is commonly used for a wide range of applications, from apparel to hygiene products.