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TE’s Material Snapshots are a set of tools designed to help the reader understand why the choice to use certain materials makes a difference in the textile, apparel, and footwear industry. That choice could result in positive or negative impacts depending on the material and supply chain details. These snapshots can help brands make decisions on which preferred fiber or material is the right choice for them by providing a concise look at the raw material options, including agricultural processes, social impacts, and processing differences that make material sustainability profiles different. They also provide information on material properties, certifications, and sourcing information since sustainability is only one of the many reasons why a particular material is chosen.

TE now offers two sets of snapshots:

Material Summary Collection

This is the new name for the original set of snapshots released by TE in 2013/14. They provide a summary view of 33 different fibers and materials geared towards users such as designers and developers, who may not require such technical information as is provided in the new Material Snapshots.

Material Snapshots Collection

TE is delighted to announce the release of a new collection of Material Snapshots, produced in 2015 with financial support from VF Corporation and in collaboration with Brown and Wilmanns Environmental, LLC. These new snapshots offer a deep dive into 29 different fibers and materials (the first half released in January 2016 and the second half to be released in February 2016), combining available LCA data and information with detailed literature reviews. The new snapshots have been designed for more technical users such as materials, sourcing, and sustainability professionals.

The two sets of resources – the existing Material Summaries and the new Material Snapshots – are designed to be used alongside each other within an organization to help educate and enable informed, intelligent fiber and material choices. In both cases, the content is to be treated as work in progress. We will review the content on an annual basis and make updates as more information becomes available and data and knowledge improves.

We are grateful to VF Corporation for their generous sponsorship of both the original and expanded snapshots and making them available to Textile Exchange members.