2024, Magazine

Introducing Unwoven: A Magazine All About the Materials in our Clothing and Textiles

Unwoven is an editorial project by Textile Exchange. It aims to pull apart and reconstruct perceptions of clothing and textiles today by deepening our understanding of the materials that make them, and the stories, questions, and concepts behind them.

This first edition brings together perspectives from around the world, from nomadic sheep herding in Inner Mongolia to small cooperatives growing cotton through agroforestry practices in Brazil. It also features words from thinkers such as Christine Goulay, Leah Thomas, and Rachel Arthur alongside imagery from the winners of Textile Exchange’s photography competition in partnership with Magnum Photos.

Each piece offers its own take on the links between materials and people, place, culture and nature – as well as their interconnectedness with questions around sustainability, social justice, and systems change. An antidote to the ambivalence that often characterizes our relationship with material items, it reframes their significance in our lives by helping to weave them into a wider conversation.

The cover of Unwoven was printed by Park Print on paper made from 50% hemp fiber by G.F Smith. The inside pages were printed on recycled paper, also by G.F Smith, and the magazine was bound using singer stitch.


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Thank you to our contributors Carlos Jaramillo, Cecilie Nicoline Rasmussun, Christine Goulay, Kiana Kazemi, Kin Coedel, Leah Thomas, Madeleine Brunnmeier, Milan Kathiriya, Rachel Arthur, Ray Vázquez, Sabiha Çimen, Sofia Terçarolli, Yessenia Funes, and Yichen Zhou. Special thanks to FARFARM, Kipaş Textiles, Materra and Terre de Lin.