UL Verification Services Inc. (UL) – Withdrawal of CB Licensing 

UL Verification Services Inc. (UL) has chosen to voluntarily withdraw from all Textile Exchange standards effective December 31st, 2023. UL’s certified clients must now seek certification services from and transfer their certification services to another accredited certification body no later than June 1st, 2024 to maintain certification as all scope certificates issued by UL will be considered withdrawn after that date.  

Transaction certificates previously issued by UL are still considered valid – unless otherwise notified by UL or Textile Exchange. UL is permitted to continue to issue transaction certificates for valid scope certificates until June 1st, 2024. To authenticate a transaction certificate issued by UL, please see the Textile Exchange transaction certificate portal

The Withdrawal of Certification Body Licensing procedure (ASR-112) details the requirements for certification bodies in case of withdrawal. We recognize the burden that this creates for the clients of this certification body since they may require another audit and be subject to its additional costs.  

If you are a certified client of UL, you should have received their notification already, but here some next steps and resources to assist you with the process: 

While Textile Exchange is disappointed by this situation and the conditions that will impact site certifications, we thank UL for their support of our standards over the past years and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.