CCPB SRL – Withdrawal of CB Accreditation for Bangladesh and India 

As outlined in our initial statement on August 1st, 2023, IOAS, CCPB SRL (CCPB)’s accreditation body, suspended their accreditation for Bangladesh and India for all Textile Exchange Standards. However, IOAS has now withdrawn their accreditation to all Textile Exchange standards for Bangladesh and India scopes only effective January 3rd, 2024 (please see the statement on the IOAS website). CCPB’s certified clients in Bangladesh and India must now seek certification services from and transfer their certification services to another accredited certification body no later than April 2nd, 2024 to maintain certification as all scope certificates issued by CCPB for Bangladesh and India will be considered withdrawn after that date.  

Please note that CCPB clients in countries other than Bangladesh and India are not affected by this change, as the withdrawal is limited to Bangladesh and India. 

Transaction certificates previously issued by CCPB are still considered valid – unless otherwise notified by CCPB or Textile Exchange. CCPB is not permitted to issue transaction certificates for Bangladesh or India scope certificates for shipments made after January 3rd, 2024. However, CCPB may continue to issue transaction certificates for valid scope certificates in Bangladesh and India for shipments made before January 3rd, 2024, and issuance of transaction certificates in all other countries included in their accreditation remains unaffected. To authenticate a transaction certificate issued by CCPB, please see the Textile Exchange transaction certificate portal

The Withdrawal of Certification Body Licensing procedure (ASR-112) details the requirements for certification bodies in such cases. We recognize the burden that this creates for the clients of this certification body since they may require another audit and be subject to its additional costs.  

If you are a certified client of CCPB for Bangladesh and/or India, you should have already received their notification or will shortly, but here are some next steps and resources to assist you with the process: 

While Textile Exchange is disappointed by this situation and the conditions that will impact site certifications, these circumstances reflect the integrity and consistency of our assurance system. In turn, this helps to ensure greater credibility of our standards and of the entities that offer auditing and certification services.