Climate+ guides the fashion and textile industry towards a shared goal.

At the heart of our organizational strategy, Climate+, is the goal of guiding the industry towards reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from fiber and raw material production by 45% by 2030. But it doesn’t stop there. The way we lead the industry is unique in how it goes beyond accounting for greenhouse gas emissions to looking at sustainability holistically instead.


We focus on how fibers and materials are farmed, sourced, or extracted.

Most of the familiar materials in the fashion and textiles industry today come from farming, forests, or fossil fuels. These are three of the biggest focus areas in the challenge to limit global warming and mitigate the most serious impacts of climate change. We’re doing just that by making sure these fibers are produced in a way that supports our planet, its ecosystems, its landscapes, and its communities.

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How it Works

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By establishing and providing global certifications and standards, as well as the means for brands across the industry to measure and manage how they source materials, we’re striving to make more responsible alternatives the accessible default—the rule, rather than the exception.

Using increasingly sophisticated intelligence-gathering tools, we’re collecting richer data, and, through our industry reports, making it easier to share information about how we can scale existing solutions, such as regenerative agriculture and textile-to-textile recycling. We’re also bringing together leaders from around the world to contribute and combine their knowledge and expertise at our round tables, conferences, and other events.

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We’re championing slowing down, doing more with less, and producing with purpose. Our Climate+ vision works in harmony with the natural world, respecting the planet and protecting those who sustain it. To make this vision a reality, we’re taking a truly global and interconnected view as we guide our worldwide community towards a better future.


Track industry progress toward Climate+

The Climate+ Dashboard measures progress toward our Climate+ goals. It looks at fiber and material production data against a 2019 baseline and calculates the associated GHG emissions and water impacts.

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We can’t make meaningful progress toward our goals without input from every corner of the industry. That’s why we provide tools, resources, and initiatives that help everyone, from farmers to suppliers and brands, find the next step to take on their sustainability journey.

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Our reports, webinars, and documents share leading information across the fashion and textile industry, helping people at all levels make better choices.