Textile Exchange seeks to create and maintain the standards using an open and engaged stakeholder process. Our Standard Setting Principles and Procedures document outlines how this process will work for the development of new standards and the revision of existing standards. The current version is a draft and will be finalized later this year. If you have any comments on the document, please send them to

TE Standards

The Textile Exchange standards have been developed through a multi-stakeholder approach to support the integrity of product claims by providing verification from an independent third-party. We continue to work to ensure the standards continue to meet the needs of a growing and changing industry.

Organic Content Standard (OCS) TE Recycled Claim Standard Responsible Down Standard
Content Claim Standard (CCS) Global Recycled Standard (GRS)  

Looking for Certified Suppliers?

Companies certified to OCS

Companies certified to GRS

Companies certified to RDS

TE standards in development

Standards in development

Accredited certification bodies

We've provided a list of certification bodies accredited to our standards so you can start now to become certified.
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Complaints or other Standards Feedback

If you wish to formally file a complaint about a scheme participant or TE as a standards setting body, please follow the procedures outlined in the TE Standards Complaint Procedure.  Any feedback, general or specific, about any TE standard or its related systems is always welcomed by email at

Other standards, not owned by TE

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India’s Export Policy on Organic Products Deferred until Further Notice

2015 TE Certification Fee Structure

TE Policy Regarding Multiple Certifications
•       TE allows for multiple certifications to the same standard of the same site, as long as they are all done by the     same Certification Body.
•       TE has no restrictions on who can own a Scope Certificate (SC) for a site.
•       Each SC certification must be done separately, with a full inspection.  TE will charge its regular fees for each certification.