Find Certified Companies

The table below lists all companies certified to the OCS, RCS, and GRS.

The table can be filtered through any of the fields listed below, or by typing keywords into the “search” field located at the top right of the table.

• Type “OCS”, “RCS”, or “GRS” in the “Standard” field to filter and view a single standard.
• If you are looking for a specific reference number (may also be called project number or reference number) or company in the below table, use the filter function to search within the “Cert No.” field.
• Excel, CSV, or PDF reports can be dowloaded before or after filtering your search.
• Companies whose certification is past the validity date are highlighted in red; please contact the appropriate Certification Body (Certifier) to check the validity of a certified company as they may have renewed, but not yet reported this to Textile Exchange.
• Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the table to view the full listing of certified products.

Table Filter