We’re helping the fashion and textile industry to reconnect with the resources it uses.

We’re a global non-profit driving positive action on climate change across the fashion and textile industry. We guide and support a growing community of brands, retailers, manufacturers, farmers, and others committed to climate action toward more purposeful production, right from the start of the supply chain.


Our goal is a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas from fiber and raw material production by 2030

At the heart of our strategy is the goal of helping the fashion and textile industry to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that come from fiber and raw material production by 2030. We call it Climate+.

An aerial view of a cotton field.

We provide tools, resources, and initiatives to drive change at scale

We recognize that everyone’s journey will be different, so we provide the industry with tools, resources, and initiatives to help all stakeholders, from farmers to suppliers and brands, find the next step to take on their sustainability pathway.


We’re building strong partnerships with other industry initiatives

The “+” in our Climate+ strategy is an acknowledgment that we can’t achieve our 2030 goal alone. Only through strong partnerships can we accelerate the adoption of more responsible materials, close the innovation gap, and enable a reformed approach to growth.

Strategic partners

We partner with programs and initiatives along the supply chain to help us drive industry-wide change. Our strategic partners include Apparel Impact Institute, Conservation International, Fashion for Good, Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, Global Fashion Agenda, Responsible Business Coalition, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, The Biodiversity Consultancy, The Fashion Pact, The Policy Hub, and ZDHC.

apparel alliance

We’re part of the apparel alliance, alongside Apparel Impact Institute, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, and ZDHC. Together, we created a contiguous sustainability framework for the entire industry, spanning four primary resource areas: Programs & Tools, Global Implementation, Impact Management & Funding, and Administration & Infrastructure to achieve an industry-wide minimum goal of 45% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030.

Fashion Conveners

We’re also part of the Fashion Conveners, a global coalition of non-profits working individually and collectively with the industry’s most influential businesses. Our aim is to accelerate action through partnership, implement strategies that build equity across the value chain, and address the social and environmental impacts attributed to fashion. We exist to align collaborative leaders in the industry around the bold goals and urgent actions needed to shape a restorative future.

A close up view of wool.
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