Industry Progress

We track progress on fiber and raw materials sourcing and its associated impacts.

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We can’t be confident of reaching our Climate+ goal if don’t track our progress. That’s why we’ve developed a set of tools that help us pinpoint where change has been made so far and orientate our actions to where we need to go next.


Our interactive tools put meaningful data in the hands of the industry.

Track progress toward Climate+

The Climate+ Dashboard tracks industry progress toward our Climate+ target, looking at fiber and material production data and calculating associated GHG emissions and water impacts.

Discover data and insights for different fibers and materials

The Materials Production Dashboard shares key statistics on the global fiber and material production landscape, as well as detailed volume data for different material categories.

See how other companies are sourcing their materials more sustainably

Every year, we benchmark companies’ progress toward more responsible materials sourcing and publish the results in our Material Change Index. This helps us drive a race to the top.

Explore how fashion and textile companies are taking bold action on biodiversity

The Biodiversity Benchmark is the first global baseline for the industry to track the engagement companies are making to understand and address their impact on the natural world.


We’re aiming for a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas from fiber and materials production by 2030.

To get there, we’re taking the industry on a direction of travel made up of three key areas for action.

  • Accelerating the adoption of organic, regenerative, recycled, and other responsible materials.
  • Promoting innovation and scaling existing solutions, from new business models and circular systems to emerging materials.
  • Rethinking growth by showing others that creating value doesn’t have to mean extracting new resources.
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Take the next steps on your sustainability journey

We can’t make meaningful progress toward our climate goals without input from every corner of the industry. That’s why we provide tools, resources, and initiatives that help everyone find the next steps to take on their sustainability journey.