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As a result of expanding workloads due to an increased number of applicants in the textiles schemes, we are seeking qualified Lead Assessors in Europe, Africa, or the Americas with experience in organic and sustainable textiles production and related industries.


  1. This is a full-time salary position, working 40 hours per week.
  2. You will be contracted as self-employed unless you are based in the USA.
  3. You will work from your own home office. IOAS will pay for internet and basic office costs.
  4. You are obligated to do the work independently; it shall not be subcontracted in any capacity.
  5. The salary for this position will be +/- USD $50,000 based on education and experience.

Assessor’s obligations

  1. Prepare thoroughly for the assessment work including the review of any documentation indicated by IOAS.
  2. Collaborate with IOAS in making all arrangements for any on-site visits and being responsible for booking their own travel where applicable, including completing any country entry requirements.
  3. Where travel, meetings, or inspections for any assessment are combined with any other activities, this should be done in agreement with IOAS. Where such activities are agreed to, the travel costs will be apportioned accordingly.
  4. Familiarise themselves with the report format prepared by the Client Service Manager and ensure that they have available all relevant and up-to-date normative documents and relevant documents of the CB and any relevant history of IOAS assessment.
  5. At an initial meeting with CB staff explain the purpose and scope of the assessment including proposed timing and resources required.
  6. Using the visit report format, either alone or with another assessor or technical expert, conduct an assessment of the CB according to the relevant norms and requirements maintaining an impartial perspective at all times.
  7. Provide information and explanations to the CB but avoid the provision of solutions to noncompliances.
  8. Collect and record objective evidence of compliance and non-compliance of the CB with the relevant norms.
  9. Manage time carefully to ensure the visit schedule is implemented fully and all required questions are covered.
  10. In an exit meeting presented to the CB staff, the findings from the assessment made clear that these findings are subject to review by the IOAS office and ultimately the Accreditation Committee.
  11. Observe the assessment procedures, rules, and guidelines of IOAS as set down in the relevant policies and procedures.
  12. Follow any specific instructions of IOAS with respect to the visit, including any direction on the number or nature of files to be reviewed and the number and type of operators to be visited.
  13. Complete the appropriate IOAS visit questionnaire with respect to the compliance of the certification body with the relevant Norms and document all circumstances that appear exceptional, unclear or that remain unsettled, in additional and detailed remarks.
  14. Upon return from the assessment visit, provide the report to IOAS in English in the appropriate format within two weeks.
  15. Make themselves available to respond to any questions arising from the review of the report by IOAS.
  16. Commit not to undertake employment or contracted work for any subject organization for at least 12 months after the visit is performed.


Interested parties should ideally have Lead Auditor Qualifications, and a minimum of 3-5 years of experience conducting assessments of Certification Bodies for organic, sustainable, social compliance, and/or related textiles manufacturing schemes.

Applicants must be able to work on their own as well as part of a team and show good attention to detail. Fluency in English is essential and at least one other language is highly desirable.


Please visit our website to download the application form (FR0403), and submit the completed form, along with Curriculum Vitae, References, and copies of applicable certifications/qualifications to with the subject line ‘Assessor Recruitment’, Attn: Amaia Aldana

The closing date is June 30, 2022