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Part-time Position 20 hours/week 
Job description: Part-time Project Coordinator for newly formed nonprofit to accelerate circular textile to textile supply chains. This position will work remotely as part of a virtual organization and therefore must be extremely reliable and able to work independently. The ideal candidate will be responsible for providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the project. From scheduling and preparing for meetings, to communicating between companies you will be responsible for completing multi-level tasks in a professional and timely manner. Broad exposure to Textile sustainability. Responsibilities: 
• Responsible for planning and coordination of project schedule and administrative tasks. 
• Coordinate schedules and information flows between Working Group and Collaborating Organizations 
• Create and distribute meeting agendas and meeting minutes 
• Respond to industry inquires and provide information on project work, status and goals. 
• Bills and Budget Qualifications
• Ability to multi-task, organize and prioritize work 
• Proficient in MSOffice suite and Google Docs 
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
• Experience and interest in the textile and sustainability initiatives 
• Available to work morning business hours 
About Accelerating Circularity: Accelerating Circularity is a collaborative industry group with a mission to move textiles from linear to circular. We will research, map, link, pilot and report on the development and path of circular supply chains with a recycling technology focus on chemical PET and cellulosics. 
To be considered for the position you must be eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship.

Request for Proposals | Closing Date: March 15, 2020 

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Background : Textile Exchange is a global non-profit that works closely with our members to drive industry transformation in preferred fibers, integrity and standards and responsible supply networks. We identify and share best practices regarding farming, materials, processing, traceability and product end-of-life in order to reduce the textile industry’s impact on the world’s water, soil and air, and the human population. 

Textile Exchange currently owns six standards that use a batch-level chain of custody system to track claimed material throughout the supply chain and can verify the raw material has been produced with given environmental or animal welfare benefits. Our standards include the Organic Content Standard, Recycled Claim Standard, Global Recycled Standard, Responsible Down Standard, and the Responsible Wool Standard. The Content Claim Standard is the backbone of Textile Exchange standards and it verifies that one or more specific input materials are in a final product. 


Currently, each individual standard has its own Logo Use and Claims Guide and we are undertaking a revision of this format into one policy that covers all of our standards, with additional guides by user type (brands, retailers, supply chain, and certification bodies), as needed. 

We need a framework that is easy to understand, enhances the incentives for product-level standards communications, and ensures a robust level of assurance to maintain the credibility of the standards. For this reason, we are seeking external support. 

We would like the person or organization to be able to lead this project, pulling from our extensive network of brands and retailers, industry and sustainability best practices, and a deep understanding of credible claims systems to deliver a Claims Framework that can be used for our standards as they grow and develop. 


  • Review existing documents and policies that govern standards claims. 
  • Map out options for allowed claims on the product, general marketing, and ecomms. 
  • Claims should also be vetted against legal labeling laws around the world. 
  • Lead a stakeholder interview and review process for allowed claims that includes options for on-product, general marketing, and ecomms. 
  • Develop guidelines for a system to approve claims and monitor their use in the market. 
  •  Write a comprehensive and clear Claims Framework Policy that lays out all claims that can (and cannot) be made to our standards. 

Additional Details 

  • This is a contract position that is entirely remote 
  •  Our ideal timeline is to start the project by April 1 and to complete the project by mid-2020. 

To Apply 

Please send an email to Standards@TextileExchange.org with the subject line “Claims Framework” and include the following: 

  • a cover letter detailing your relevant knowledge and experience pertaining to claims and sustainability standards 
  • your resume or CV; examples of your work and testimonies are also encouraged 
  • a description of your initial proposal, including estimated cost and timeline