Growing Hemp for the Future: A Global Fiber Guide 

We have a unique opportunity to grow a beneficial fiber hemp production system from the soil up  

Since its recent legalization in countries around the world, the global textile industry is increasingly turning to hemp, celebrating the plant’s ability to enhance soil health, support biodiversity, suppress weeds, and increase yields among subsequent crops – all while relying on little or no inputs. 

Fiber hemp holds strong sustainability potential, but as it gains popularity, it is vital that we look at how it is grown. This means taking on board lessons learned from other fiber crops, where heavy synthetic pesticide and fertilizer use have become the norm.  

At this early stage, the industry has a unique opportunity to shape fiber hemp standards from the soil up, setting up systems that maximize measurable benefits for the climate, ecosystems, and communities. 


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Growing Hemp for the Future: A Global Fiber Guide looks at the production of fiber hemp around the world, identifying its benefits and concerns, providing recommendations to guide fiber hemp programs toward a resilient future. 

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