The Future of Synthetics

The Future of Synthetics calls on the fashion, apparel, and textile industry to rapidly divest from new fossil fuel extraction to make synthetic materials, providing brands with guidance on how to do so.

The Future of Synthetics acknowledges that it will be critical for the industry to stop bringing new virgin fossil fuel-derived materials into the supply chain if it is to cut the greenhouse gas emissions currently associated with synthetic fibers and meet its climate targets.

With this report, we are advocating for increased interest and investment into the technologies that will facilitate the rapid substitution of fossil fuel-derived synthetics. A core recognition is that having viable alternatives available will enable the industry to realistically divest, unlocking this critical emissions reduction opportunity.


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The Future of Synthetics dives into the technologies and infrastructure that will facilitate the rapid substitution of virgin fossil fuel-derived synthetic materials to preferred solutions such as textile-to-textile recycling, biosynthetics, and carbon capture.

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