The Leather Round Table brings together stakeholders from the leather industry and beyond.

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The Leather Round Table is helping to build a global fashion and textile industry that protects and restores the environment, reduces its climate impact, and improves lives. It brings together stakeholders from all parts of the leather industry and its neighboring industries to accelerate the adoption of practices leading to a measurable reduction of carbon emissions, better animal welfare, and fair treatment of workers.

In 2021, two industry tools, the Leather Impact Accelerator (LIA) and Impact Incentives, became available to the industry thanks to the engagement and contributions of the Leather Round Table community.


We’re promoting industry action towards holistic sustainability goals.

  • Climate+

    Ensure leather contributes to our Climate+ goal while addressing biodiversity, soil health, water, and the rights of people and animals.

  • Tracking

    Determine how progress across these impact areas will be measured and tracked.

  • Prioritization

    Identify and prioritize actions for each year of the next decade.

  • Partnership

    Establish partnerships with major players in the industry to take collective action.

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Our focus is on farm-level impacts.

We’re focusing on the bovine leather supply chain from farm to finished leather, with an emphasis on the impacts at the farm level.

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