Corporate Benchmark Updates for July

Here is what’s happening in July:  

1) The 2022 Material Change Index (MCI) survey is now live and open for submission for brands and retailers. We are thrilled to welcome back 292 brands and retailers returning from the previous year, and the registration is open for new companies interested to benchmark, including the new fiber challenge signatories.  

Register now to begin your benchmarking journey. 

2) Drop-in clinics are back! Our weekly Drop-in clinics will be running every Thursday throughout July and August. We encourage all benchmark practitioners (including fiber challenges signatories, and The Fashion Pact signatories) to join this safe space for asking questions, opening discussions, and sharing experiences and feedback with their peers as a part of the “Bench learning”. 

More on themed discussion in these Drop-in clinics to come via the Hub and find the Zoom link to the Drop-in clinics here

Wrapping up the month of June 

All recordings will soon be available on our Hub Library, in case you missed any session. 

We are here for you! 

Best regards, 

Industry Accountability Team