GSCI Services Pvt. Ltd. (GSCI): Suspension Lifted  

Textile Exchange is pleased to announce that GSCI Services Pvt. Ltd. (GSCI)’s accreditation body, IOAS, has lifted the suspension of GSCI’s accreditation to all Textile Exchange standards effective December 12th, 2023.  

Therefore, as of December 12th, 2023, GSCI may resume all certification activities related to Textile Exchange standards, including (but not limited to) issuing transaction certificates for certified products shipped while the suspension was in place. 

Textile Exchange has provided guidance to certification bodies regarding the issuance of transaction certificates, including for certified organizations who have transferred to another certification body (please see ASR-104 Policy for Transaction Certificates, section A8.5).  

Please note that generally, certification bodies may only issue transaction certificates for products shipped during the validity of the scope certificate they issued and therefore, they do not issue transaction certificates for products shipped under the validity of a scope certificate issued by another certification body. However, when an organization transfers between certification bodies (from the “preceding certification body” to the “succeeding certification body”, including when the transfer occurs at recertification), the succeeding certification body may issue transaction certificates for shipments from the time when the organization was certified with the preceding certification body, provided that all the conditions ASR-104-v3.1 Policy for Transaction Certificates, section A8.5 are met. Please contact your certification body for more information. 

Transaction certificates previously issued by GSCI are still considered valid – unless otherwise notified by GSCI or Textile Exchange. To authenticate a transaction certificate issued by GSCI, please see the Textile Exchange transaction certificate portal

If you are a certified client of GSCI, please contact them directly for more details regarding how the lifting of this suspension may impact the certification services you receive. Contact information of licensed certification bodies is available on our website.   

Please see our initial statement for more information.