Textile Exchange Traceability Roadmap Update  

June 2024, At Textile Exchange we have been working to transform our traceability system, as a critical part of our evolving standards system. The Traceability Roadmap outlines our ideal traceability system state and a clear timeline of the phased approach for rollout to the wider industry.  

The Traceability Roadmap aims to bring clarity to the delivery mechanisms for data, and outputs that support tracking certified material, attributes, impact information, and volumes. A core aspect of this roadmap is how we connect our two-tiered system – dTrackit and eTrackit – with existing technologies, while ensuring the integrity of our standard system. 

Dtrackit was the initial step in the Trackit system. It enables a single source to authenticate and track scope and transaction certification. Over the past few years, we have been working to improve integrity and traceability with minimal disruption to the existing certification process.  

In parallel, we have been developing eTrackit, a multi-stakeholder system designed to deliver granular traceability to raw materials certified to Textile Exchange’s standards. It traces certified material via eTransactions and establishes material accounting at the product level throughout the supply chain and are dually verified by peer-to-peer validation and third-party certification body transaction approval.  

In November 2023, Textile Exchange initiated the registration process, enabling organizations to prepare for eTransactions. However, due to the complexities in the development and implementation of our pilot findings, the initial rollout timeline has been extended on our pilot technology platform, TextileGenesis. The first commercial eTransaction for RCS and GRS is now expected in Q3 2024.  

Textile Exchange is working towards bringing other technology solutions into the eTrackit system, having both the requirements and assessment criteria for potential technology providers ready for Q3. At this time, Textile Exchange will work in parallel with a shortlist of technology platforms to pilot the eTrackit system.  

For more information, please contact trackit@textileexchange.org