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About the Organic Cotton Round Table

Organic cotton is at the forefront of driving meaningful change in the textile industry and addressing the interconnected crises of climate, biodiversity, soil, and water that we face. Organic cotton is a gatekeeper of traditional knowledge, science, technology, and social innovation for the cotton industry, steeped in the principles of Ecology, Health, Fairness and Care. Yet, growers, processors and vendors of organic cotton operate in a highly autonomous market environment. On one hand, this autonomy allows independence and a market-driven approach to address sustainable development, while on the other hand, there is no central structure to support the organic cotton community.

Textile Exchange’s Organic Cotton Round Table (OCRT) provides an inclusive space for all organic cotton stakeholders to come together, share experiences and address issues facing the organic cotton sector, and to find ways to collectively take action. The OCRT includes both global and regional platforms. The Regional OCRTs aim to address and overcome regionally specific barriers to growth and bring together regional experts, organizations, farmers and brands.

We convene in-person (when possible) for Global and Regional OCRT Summits, connect virtually for regular Working Group meetings, and host the OCRT HUB online community that serves as the virtual home of the OCRT and helps keep the community connected all year round.

Since its inception in 2012, the OCRT has catalyzed, and in some cases been an incubator for, a number of initiatives such as the Organic Cotton Accelerator and the Chetna Coalition. Textile Exchange has also created an array of tools and resources for the organic cotton sector such as a microsite dedicated to organic cotton –; an Organic Cotton Producer Directory; the annual Organic Cotton Market Report; and an Out of the Box Interview Series showcasing organic cotton trailblazers.

The OCRT is currently focused on scaling in-conversion cotton to sustainably address the surging demand for organic.

2021 Textile Sustainability Conference

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How to get involved

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Join the OCRT HUB to find all the latest information on OCRT Summits, webinars, Working Group activities, and more. It is also where you can connect with other OCRT members, engage in topical discussions, and find resources in our library.

The OCRT HUB is housed in Textile Exchange’s membership portal, the HUB, but it is open to all; membership in Textile Exchange is not a requirement.

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