Textile Exchange uses a third-party accreditation system combined with a licensing agreement to recognize certification bodies for each standard. This page is written for certification bodies and accreditation bodies. If you are a company who would like to become certified to a Textile Exchange standard, please see here.

Under the Textile Exchange accreditation system, each certification body is independently accredited by an authorized accreditation body. ASR 101 Accreditation and Certification Procedures is the main document which defines requirements for certification bodies and accreditation bodies. Please see this document for further details on the application process.

Steps to Become an Accredited Certification Body

  1. Determine which accreditation body you will work with. Textile Exchange recommends that certification bodies reach out to their preferred accreditation body before applying to Textile Exchange.
  2. Submit a completed application to Textile Exchange for approval before the accreditation body begins their work (ASR-206 Certification Body Application Form – available upon request). 
  3. Once an application is complete and the certification body has demonstrated suitable qualifications, Textile Exchange will provisionally accept the application and issue an invoice for the application fee. 
  4. The application will be formally accepted once the application fee has been paid.
  5. Upon recommendation from the accreditation body, Textile Exchange will typically issue a limited grace period to a certification body which is in the accreditation process.

For more information about accreditation, please fill out our contact form.

Authorized Accreditation Bodies

wdt_ID Accreditation Body Home Country Contact Information Authorized Standards

Authorization of Accreditation Bodies

Textile Exchange is willing to consider applications from other internationally recognized accreditation bodies such as signatories of the IAF Multilateral Agreement. Accreditation bodies are required to submit ASR-207 Accreditation Body Application Form and supporting documentation for consideration.

Textile Exchange will not accept a certification body application unless the application nominates an authorized accreditation body.


Textile Exchange charges certification bodies an application fee, an annual licensing fee per standard, and a set fee per scope certificate based on the number of sites and/or audit days. Full details are found in ASR-107 Certification Fee Schedule.

There are no fees for accreditation bodies.

Accreditation Documents- coming soon!

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