Content Claim Standard (CCS)


Content Claim Standard (CCS)

What is the CCS?

The Content Claim Standard (CCS) is the foundation of all Textile Exchange standards. It is a chain of custody standard that provides companies with a tool to verify that one or more specific input materials are in a final product.

  • Certification to the CCS verifies the chain of custody principles are followed in each stage of production.
  • Tracks the flow of raw material from source to the final product. 
  • Addresses product flow, documentation, volume reconciliations, and segregation of materials and products.
  • Based on scope and transaction certificates for maximum levels of verification and tracking.

History of the CCS

The CCS 3.0 revision process is currently underway. To learn more and participate, visit the CCS 3.0 Revision webpage. You can read more about our revision process in the Development Hub.

CCS 2.0 was published on January 1, 2016. View the CCS 2.0 Consultation Feedback Summary for a summary of comments received during the Public Stakeholder Review period.

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