The Sustainable Cotton Round Table works to increase the uptake of climate-friendly cotton.

The Sustainable Cotton Round Table works to increase the uptake of cotton grown using agricultural practices with improved environmental and social sustainability outcomes. This includes organic, recycled, and regenerative cotton, among other forms considered more climate-friendly than their conventional counterpart.


We’re committed to improving the way cotton is grown.

The Sustainable Cotton Round Table has four main goals:

  • Support the adoption of more sustainable cotton production practices, addressing barriers to growth.
  • Increase the verification and transparency behind companies’ commitments to more sustainable cotton through certification.
  • Give a voice to stakeholders across the supply chain and build an understanding of their needs and expectations.
  • Catalyze collective action and cross-sector and regional partnerships, particularly with organizations working on the ground.
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Our focus ranges from farm to finished product

We cover the organic cotton supply chain from farm to finished product, with an emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and improving soil health, water management, and biodiversity by driving the adoption of more sustainable farming practices.

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Read about the sustainability challenges that come with conventional cotton production, the opportunities to overcome them, and the steps you can start taking to reduce your impact.

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