eTrackit uses new technologies to bring traceability and efficiency to the supply chain.

wool fiber.

Electronic Trackit (eTrackit) uses new technologies to paint a more detailed picture of traceability for companies who want it. It tracks the volume of certified material for each product (rather than the entire transaction) online via tokens. It also integrates physical material verification for additional insurance.


We’re taking the integrity of our standards a step further.

  • Increase the integrity of our chain of custody.

  • Reduce both the lead time of the certification data life cycle and the manual handling of data.

  • Track the flow of physical material at the individual product level.

  • Prevent fraud by creating a closed-loop value chain coupled with peer-to-peer validation.

  • Integrate forensic physical material authentication with site and transaction verification.

yellow threads being weaved into fabric on industrial loom.
Textile Exchange has created the space where the industry comes together to share best practices and drive progress towards industry transformation. We’re excited to bring our technology into that forum to help drive meaningful change and measurable impact.

We’re aiming for commercial release in 2023.

Back in 2019, we piloted eTrackit with TextileGenesis™, a pioneering traceability platform for textiles. We then proposed this alternative traceability mechanism to our Content Claim Standard International Working Group. Since then, we’ve been working with ten brands and five certification bodies to trial eTrackit for our Recycled Content Standard and Global Recycled Standard with a view to commercial release in 2023.