Climate+ Vision

Climate+ guides the fashion and textile industry towards a shared goal.

At the heart of our organizational strategy, Climate+, is the goal of guiding the industry towards reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from fiber and raw material production by 45% by 2030. But it doesn’t stop there. The way we lead the industry is unique in how it goes beyond accounting for greenhouse gas emissions to looking at sustainability holistically instead.


There are three key areas of impact–and opportunity.

The most important aspect of Climate+ is its interdisciplinary, interconnected approach. It does away with blanket solutions in favor of tailored, targeted strategies for three independent impact areas.

How it works

See how we’re working towards our targets.

An aerial view of fields at a farm.
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Track industry progress toward Climate+

The Climate+ Dashboard measures progress toward our Climate+ goals. It looks at fiber and material production data against a 2019 baseline and calculates the associated GHG emissions and water impacts.