Textile Exchange Membership

Textile Exchange Membership connects you to a powerful community of brands, suppliers, and companies, large and small, from across the textile value chain. Members come together to create a more sustainable and responsible fiber and materials industry and gain access to learning opportunities, tools, relevant data, insight reports, industry networks, and connections. Above all, the Member Community has the opportunity to take action individually and collectively.


“With buy-ins from Industry leaders like H&M, Inditex, Nike and Lenzing, Textile Exchange’s membership reads like a who’s who of the garment and Textile Industry."

- Sourcing Journal

Membership Levels


$12,500 / year

We welcome brands, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers generating over $25 million USD in annual sales.


$3,000 / year

We welcome brands, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers generating between $5 and $25 million USD in annual sales.


$500 / year

Reserved for small to medium-sized enterprises that generate under $5 million in annual revenue as well as Universities, Nonprofits, and NGOs. Contact for approval.

The Value of Membership: Explore Member Benefits

Membership 1

Unlock the Power of Community

Connect. Collaborate. Accelerate.
Join a community that can collectively accomplish what no individual or company can do alone. Gain access to our Membership Community Portal- The Hub.
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Convene & Connect

Expand your organization’s network through our member- only online community portal- The Hub, exclusive members-only events, webinars, and publications. Benefits include tickets (or reduced-price tickets) to our annual conference, depending on the level of membership.
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Access to Expertise

Dedicated support from Textile Exchange’s staff (900 years of combined experience) via The Hub. Individual TEam access and virtual training for our Partner-Level members.

Access our member-only Fiber & Materials resources.
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Show Leadership & Gain Exposure

Be featured in Textile Exchange’s member-focused communications, including exposure on our website, social media, member-only reports, and member spotlights*.

*Member spotlights reserved for Partner-Level members.
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Develop, Measure & Track Progress to a Preferred Fiber Strategy

Demonstrate progress and industry leadership towards achieving the Climate+ goals.

All members participating in the Corporate Fibers and Materials Benchmark have access to advanced report cards.

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Open-Source Access:

Textile Exchange’s mission is to inspire and equip people to accelerate the adoption of preferred fibers and materials. For inclusivity and to maximize uptake, we make the following available to the public free of charge. 35% of Membership dues go to supporting the following programs and publications.


Participation is open to any interested brand or supplier. Members are entitled to an advanced scorecard, including gap analysis and impact dashboard. Learn more about Benchmarking and register here.

Round Tables

All are welcome to join our fiber-specific Round Table monthly video calls and access the respective communities via our community portal, The Hub. In person, Round Table Summits are integrated into our conference agenda. Learn more here.

Learning Center

Download reports, and stream public-facing webinars. Supporter and Partner-level Members also gain free access to our Material Summaries. Visit our Learning Center here.

Textile Exchange is a GDPR compliant organization.

More than 750 Members from more than 50 Countries

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Contact Us

Céleste Lilore

Céleste Lilore

Director of Industry Engagement

Ricardo Garay

Manager of Membership and Corporate Engagement – EMEA, APAC


Renske Koster

Coordinator of Membership and Corporate Engagement

Linda Sisco

Linda Sisco

Membership Administrative Assistant

Membership 7

Valentina Zarew

Ambassador & Strategist

Terry Hyde

Terry Hyde

Organizational Services Manager

PLEASE NOTE:  Membership and Standards are two separate and unique offerings by Textile Exchange. If your inquiry has anything to do with Textile Exchange’s Standards or Certifications (ABs, CBs, Use of a Logo, Scope Certificates, Labeling, etc.), please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions, use the Inquiry Form (on the FAQ’s) to submit a question to our Standards & Assurance Teams.

Contact Us

Membership 8

Alexandria Beyer

Corporate Engagement, Coordinator


Ricardo Garay

Membership and Corporate Engagement, Manager (Europe, Middle East & APAC)


Renske Koster

 Membership and Corporate Engagement, Coordinator (Europe, Middle East & APAC)

Membership 9

Dinelle Salvador

Membership and Corporate Engagement, Manager (Americas and Africa) 

Membership 7

Valentina Zarew

Ambassador and Strategist (Oceania)

Membership 11

Chiara Isola

Membership and Corporate Engagement, Coordinator (Americas and Africa)


$12,500 / year
  • Partner (annual sales > $25 million)

  • Annual Dues $12,500

  • Value of Member Benefits >$15,000

  • Suppliers >$18,000* includes conference exhibit space

  • Annual Conference Tickets - 3 In-Person, 2 Virtual (value: $8,200) + 25% discount on additional tickets

  • Exhibit space at the annual conference *​ (Value $3,000) ​

  • Access to our Materials Summaries – 49 Publications (Value $2,450)​

  • Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark Advanced Scorecard (Value $3,000)​

  • Member-only training on Preferred Fibers or Standards (Value $1,500)​


$3,000 / year
  • Supporter (annual sales between $5 and $25 million

  • Annual Dues $3,000

  • Value of Member Benefits >$9,600

  • Annual Conference Tickets - 1 in-person/2 virtual (value: $4,200) + 25% discount on additional tickets

  • Access to our Materials  Summaries – 49 Publications (Value $2,450)​

  • Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark Advanced Scorecard (Value $3,000)​


$500 / year
  • Friend (annual sales under $5 million USD)

  • Annual Dues $500

  • Value of Member Benefits >$3,500

  • Annual Conference Tickets- 25% discount, Value $500

  • Advanced Report Card – Corporate Fibers  & Materials Benchmark Participants (Value $3,000)​