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For brands, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers of < $5m USD in annual sales.


For brands, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers of $5-25m USD in annual sales.


For brands, retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers of +$25m USD in annual sales.

Annual Sales (Eligibility)< $5 million$5 – $25 million> $25 million
Value of Membership Benefits> $3,500> $9,600> $15,000
Corporate Fiber and Materials BenchmarkingAdvanced Report Card
$3,000 value
Advanced Scorecard
$3,000 value
Advanced Scorecard
$3,000 value
Annual Conference Tickets

  • 25% discount ($500 value)

  • 25% discount on additional tickets

  • 1 In-Person

  • 2 Virtual (value $4,200)

  • 25% discount on additional tickets

  • 3 In-Person

  • 2 Virtual (value $8,200)

Exhibit Space at the Annual ConferenceYes
$3,000 value
Access to Materials Summaries36 Publications Available
$1,800 value
36 Publications Available
$1,800 value
Suppliers> $18,000*
*includes conference exhibit space
Member-only training on Preferred Fibers or StandardYes
$1,500 value

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Our membership community is made up of over 825 brands, manufacturers, farmers, retailers, and others committed to climate action. Explore our full list of members or find a particular company.


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Hessnatur had been making clothing and home textiles from natural fibers for over 45 years. Now, to make the most out of the natural resources it uses, the brand has begun its own textile-to-textile recycling program–starting from the cutting room floor. The BetterRecycled collection recycles its own organic cotton scraps left over from production into new fibers, ready to blend with virgin organic cotton to get the feel and quality desired.

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Lenzing first created TENCEL™ Lyocell in Mobile, Alabama, in 1992. Over the past three decades, the use of this fiber has expanded and varied according to its customers’ wants and needs. Today, it still forms the basis for all of the most popular varieties of TENCEL™ on the market.

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Bemberg™ is the brand name of the world’s only cupro fiber, which is manufactured by Asahi Kasei in Nobeoka, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. With its beautiful luster and smooth silky texture together with functional properties of moisture absorption/release and feeling cool to the touch, it is used around the world in various applications such as linings, ethnic garments, outerwear, and innerwear. Being made from cotton linter, a by-product of cottonseed oil production, as well as being biodegradable and compostable for circularity, Bemberg™ is an environmentally friendly material. 

Kipas building.

As Kipaş family,  our priority is to respect our planet, nature, and all living beings. Our goal is to accomplish 100% ethical and sustainable production processes. In line with this target, we support sustainable raw material suppliers and innovative farming practices and embrace sustainable alternatives to produce our main products.  We are determined to challenge ourselves every day by setting high standards for our industry.

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Help us develop our tools, platforms, resources, and initiatives

We want as many people as possible to work towards building a more climate-friendly future, so we make the following tools, resources, and initiatives available to the public free of charge. More than 35% of membership fees go to supporting these programs and publications.


Participation in our benchmarking program is open to any brand or supplier. Members get an advanced scorecard, including gap analysis and an impact dashboard.

Round tables

Everyone’s welcome to join our fiber-specific round table meetings, take part in the annual round table summits at our conference, and access the relevant online communities.


Download reports and stream webinars. Supporter and Partner-level members get access to our Material Summaries and member-only webinars.


Find the answers to common questions about membership.

If you have a question not answered here, get in touch with us directly, and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.

How can I become a Textile Exchange member?

To become a member, you need to fill out a membership application. The application is available on our website for Supporter and Partner-level membership. You must be pre-approved to apply for Friend level membership as it is reserved for small and medium-sized enterprises that generate under $5 million in annual revenue as well as universities, non- profits, and NGOs.

Who can access The Hub?

Members of Textile Exchange can access The Hub, Textile Exchange’s Member Portal and Online Community. Please email Membership to get access to The Hub. Round Table Participants also have limited access to The Hub for the specific Round Table they are involved in.

Is there a limit to the number of people allowed to access The Hub from a member company?

Member companies can have as many employees access The Hub as desired. Please email Membership to get access to The Hub.

Does Textile Exchange membership come with a list of suppliers?

Textile Exchange Membership includes access to our membership directory on The Hub. Brands can use the Find a Certified Company tool to find certified suppliers.

Do I need to be a member to use Textile Exchange’s standards?

Membership is not required for and does not authorize the use of Textile Exchange’s standards. Certification to standards can only be achieved through an approved certification body.

What programs am I funding through my membership?

In addition to all the benefits you receive, part of your membership funds our benchmarking program, industry reports, and other activities throughout the year. It helps us reach our mission of driving positive impact on climate change across the industry.